Shapes of Sounds: Gesture Research

  • Chris Ireland
A research passion project investigating the connection between gestures and speech. 
Often neglected, hand gestures play a crucial role in face to face conversation, often reinforcing and strengthening it. However in certain circumstances [like for example the translation of speechs into transcripts] this valuable piece of information is lost completely. This project aims to understand, explain and create potential visual alternatives to showcasing a conversation's physical dialogue.
Shapes of Sounds Part 1: Video Interviews
I conducted a series of interviews with members of my course to produce a library of popular gestures. From that I produced a video aiming to highlight the amount of gestural dialogue that is lost when converted to just type.
Shapes of Sounds Part 2: Showcase Video
After researching and interviewing the question soon became: How can I show the importance of gestures to an unaware audience?
Shapes of Sounds pairs the information gathered from peer interviews and writing with motion tracking, to highlight the amount of information usually lost in traditional transcripts.