Shaping Earth App

  • Diana Costa

Shaping Earth is a platform for all things ceramic. I designed the app to be both an online shop curating new pieces and a place to share knowledge on the craft, with interviews and information on courses.


Shaping Earth’s mission is simple: be the number one destination for ceramic enthusiasts. The app intends to act as a source of knowledge and inspiration, featuring interviews with trailblazers and established ceramicists, and a store with curated seasonal collections.


The app’s branding reflects the symbiotic relationship between the human body and the clay. To shape earth — the essence of clay — one must be conscious of movement.

Moreover, there’s a need to be both precise and grounded as well as fluid and adaptable.

The colours scheme also draws comparisons with the states of shaping the clay. From moldable grey earth, the softness of the first bisque firing and the deep blush of the final stage.


I wanted to design the app like a mobile site, instead of using standard mobile patterns. The menu only appears on the top right corner, instead of at the bottom of the screen, which frees up space for the content and gives the layout a fresher look. The store makes use of horizontal swiping to navigate through the items from a collection or a seller — while other micro-interactions animations, such as adding an item to the cart, where also designed and prototyped.

Branding • UI design • Art Direction