Shared Exhibition @ Somerset House

  • Jamie Neasham

Branding & Launch

Somerset House played host to a fundraising art exhibition called SHARED. Its organisers wanted to challenge the basic principles of collecting art by inviting international artists to create works that could be broken down into components and sold in parts. The exhibition provided collectors with the rare opportunity to buy and own an element of a single major artwork. All proceeds went to the Macmillan Cancer Trust.
This was a great opportunity for me to work on a project that combined my love of art whilst supporting a wonderful cause. The challenge was to create a sophisticated look and feel for the exhibition that fitted with the prestigious nature of its Somerset House venue. As a result we created an intelligent logotype that expressed the notion of breaking apart and sharing. As with most exhibitions we also designed and produced environmental graphics, advertising and printed materials to support the event. The below images are from the initial branding presentation put together to present the possibilities of the event.


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