SHED radio

  • Lilly Marques
SHEDradio, founded in 2008, is an independent online platform for people to share their passion for music, allowing the listeners to become the presenters. We believe in ‘doing it for yourself’. Listen live biweekly ; Tuesday from 8 till 11. SHED team and I have created an online space for our presenters live shows and podcasts, and distributed 'in the SHED' publications. Gaining over 40 shows and 100 listeners. Please get intouch with us if you have an idea for a show - SHED team and I are currently working on SHED pop-up events. SHEDradio | co-designer | 2009 - Ongoing My role | Co-Designer • Marketing • Events Collaboration | SHEDradio's Team •? Chris O’Grady •? Michael Hester •? Derek Man •? Luke Moran-Morris