Shilling VC

  • Francisco Baila
  • Bárbara Nogueira

Shilling is a leading €30M early-stage VC for entrepreneurs who want to go far and scale fast. We teamed up with Fred Flade, Creative Director, and Francisco Peres, Copywriter, to build a supercharged website that anyone would want to take for a test drive.

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From Fred, we got a motorsport team inspired branding with nice stripes and colors that would lead us to be bold in the approach to the website. On the more functional side of things, the website had to be versatile enough for the client to be able to manage blog posts, team members, founders and LPs, companies portfolio, quotes, and so on.


The website behaves like a car body with stickers on it as you see in a motorsports race. Every section is a different sticker, with different colors and behaviours, making the whole page super dynamic. We also added, to some parts, a smooth scroll effect and micro animations, which makes all of it come together as a complete piece.

Addressing the content management challenges, we built, with our favorite Webflow, a CMS that allows the client to change any item quickly and intuitively.