Shiny Awards

  • Daniel Kulakov
  • Caroline Bottomley
22nd January 2018
The Mill
  • Best Unsigned: Curtis Essel & Daniel Aremu
  • Best Diversity, joint winner: Nadia Lee Cohen
  • Best Diversity, joint winner: Fanny Hoetzeneder
  • Best Recently Signed: Fergal Costello
The Shiny Awards kicked off to an enthusiastic and sold-out house of music video & advertising people at The Mill.
These first Shiny Awards attracted just off 300 entries from unsigned and recently signed filmmakers worldwide. Over 100 judges, selected from across the music video and advertising industries, rated all the videos and gave written feedback to each entrant. 40 videos scored highly enough to reach the shortlist and 30 leading industry professionals selected the screeners & winners.
Caroline Bottomley, organiser said:“The winning video for the unsigned category has generated a huge amount of interest, as have many other shortlisted directors.The jurors and the audience all commented on the great quality of the shortlist. I think everyone who came was very happy!"


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