Shopify - Reimagine Retail Campaign, APAC

  • Lindsay Rogers

An awareness campaign centred around Australian brands who are changing the landscape of retail — with Shopify. Shopify had reached an important milestone: supporting 100,000 Australian merchants. But despite being so popular here, the average Aussie wouldn’t know much about Shopify.

Shopify reached new heights in the midst of the pandemic. The commerce software giant had a strong global brand and character but they wanted to assert themselves on Australian shores. But they knew that championing independent, local retailers with a global blanket campaign would miss the point. And it would make even less sense in an Australian context where our merchants are shaped by different forces. Compared to the rest of the world, retail brands here are born into a different lifestyle and aesthetic, geographical challenges and a completely different business landscape. Shopify wanted to celebrate Australian brands that succeeded here and overseas.

Ultimately, we needed a campaign that would work as a consumer-facing campaign for a business-to-business product.

The answer? Make the merchants the hero. Because if you’re launching a business, migrating or upgrading, the Shopify backend isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s the retail experiences you’ve already had or heard of. Our merchants were our biggest asset.

Retail isn’t what it used to be

Reimagine retail was a broad umbrella to shelter the many merchants supported by Shopify. Even though they play in different spaces, the featured merchants were united in their unique approach to products and retail strategies. During the pandemic, Australian retail has had a rocky time. But some retailers have thrived and we wanted to make them a point of inspiration.
For instance, Go-To Skin Care started as a direct-to-consumer online-only model, fuelled by the social media following of its founder, a model that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. And Who Gives A Crap managed to turn a household staple into a fun brand, with a good purpose — and applied a subscription model that made sense but no one had yet tried. All of our feature merchants confronted an established retail landscape but found their own way of doing things.


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