Showreel 2019 - Music/Sound Design for Audio to Visual Content

  • Vishaal Chauhan

A showreel to display my original sound design skills and an array of compositional techniques. From Adult-Swim-Esque analogue-based, off-beat music to an airy cinematic progression of chords and harmony, infused with mind-bending textures and sound design techniques to develop emotion, suspense and movement. Please Enjoy this short video, and if you have any enquiries about personal projects please don't hesitate to hit me up. Sound Design - Ableton Live 10 and Logic Pro X. Music - Ableton Live 10. Mixed/Mastered - Logic Pro X. Dubbing in Logic Pro X/Pro Tools. Contact: Email: IG: @soundslikevsh Disclaimer: The presentation is intended for educational purposes only. I, by no rights, own the visual content of this project - only the composition and sound. All credits have been secured at the end of the video. Please contact me for any further information if your work is compiled in this showreel.