Shudu for Vogue Australia.

  • Thomas Lockyer

Meet Shudu, the digital supermodel who is changing the face of fashion one campaign at a time. “All is not as it seems in these images … Welcome to the world of the digital supermodel. Shudu is my muse – as a photographer, if I get inspired and want to try out a new lighting concept, I can do that at any time of the day,” says Cameron-James Wilson, the creator of the CGI avatar – or digital supermodel as he calls her. Working with the Vogue Australia team on these images, the process involved photographing real Tiffany & Co. jewellery pieces from its new Paper Flowers collection on a stand-in model before blending the photographs with three-dimensional renders to create the hyper-realistic portraits of Shudu. Each image can take days to produce.” Full Article


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