Side Hustle/ Exhibition

SIXTEEN X S2AU 7th February - 19th March 2020

  • Hayleigh Longman
  • Destinie Paige
  • Filip Skiba

Sorry 2 Annoy U (S2AU) are a newly developed youth led collective based at Photofsuion, which aims to create a space for young people to find a creative community, while learning how to develop their skills as artists, curators and practitioners. S2AU were invited by Photofusion to curate the SIXTEEN show for the final leg of the tour. Young people growing up in London, we feel passionate about representing the identity of young people from all areas of society. Our collaboration with SIXTEEN explores exactly this and what it means to be sixteen years old in modern day society. We are curating an interactive space, to bring together different people of all generations and artists at various stages of their photographic practice. Alongside the artist who worked on the SIXTEEN touring project, we have selected with the added mix of local young artists whose work adds to narrative of the project. As young people, we are concerned about the negative representations of your in the media and wider art contexts. A lack of diversity, understanding of political challenges we face, and the commodifications of youth culture are particulars important issues to us. We hope that this exhibition will create a positive impact on the opinion and representation of young people today.


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