Sixties Snapshot: Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album at The Royal Academy of Arts

  • Olivia D'Orazi
Selected to create liquid light shows for Sixties Snapshot event on 11 October 2014 to 'honour the countercultural icon, Dennis Hopper' at The Royal Academy of Arts in collaboration with the exhibit Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album.

"Inspired by the exhibition, Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album, University of the Arts are partnering with us to create an evening of photography, interactive installations and immersive performances - all capturing the energy and spirit of this definitive era of hippies, Hells Angels, celebrities & civil rights activists. Highlights include a sixties-inspired exterior light show on the façade of RA’s Burlington Gardens, a series of ‘Happenings’ - performances set amongst the powerful photographs in the exhibition, film screenings, sixties tunes choreographed to liquid light shows and placard sessions to capture your voice on the night."