Sky Nature Brand

  • Mark Jones

Sky Nature explores the beauty and wonder of the natural world with hundreds of breath-taking shows including exclusive David Attenborough in UHD. Brand Idea: Get Closer - The closer you get to nature, the closer you feel to it.

Idents: We celebrate the connectivity in nature by using a distinct ‘loop’ technique to transition from beautiful closeup details to epic vistas and back again. 'The butterfly & the rainforest', 'The lizard & the desert' and 'The seahorse & the coral' form a set of three idents.

Created in collaboration with Director Rob Blishen and Time Based Arts.


CD: Alex Haley, Design Director: Mark Jones, Lead Design: Luke Tilly, Design: Emily Brown, Sinyee Hau, VFX: Julian Samos, Andrey Polezajev, Head of Production: Sophie Brooks, Senior Producer: Liz Arnott, Producer: Dani Sierra, Promo Lead: Max Pickwoad, Creative: Albion Gray, Alex Sheppard

Ident Director: Rob Blishen, VFX: Micheal Skrgatic & Time Based Arts, DOP: Daniel Landin Producer: John Adams

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