This brief given to us by design agency Studio Blup. It involved rebranding sports company Slazenger and making them more currently relevant in the 2018/2019 marketplace.
The deliverables we had to achieve was to create an updated brand meaning, values and new target audience, logo redesign, video and campaign images..


After looking into the revival of athleisure, previous sports brands ads, layouts and styles it started to become clear what I wanted to create.
Slazenger is a sports brand providing clothing and equipment for sporting activities such as golf, tennis, cricket and hockey. Because it is a sporting brand there is no way you could completely eliminate the sporting aspects, as it is a company that sells both equipment and clothing, the clothing department is often seen as secondary. When rebranding Slazenger I want to make their clothing rane the main focus introducing not only sportswear but street wear too.
My idea is to create a campaign on what different people get up too, how they eat, how they exercise - whether its running for a bus or boxing, I want to portray the idea that you dont have to be an athlete to wear Slazenger. I want to open the brand up to a wider audience, to achieve this I wont just focus on golf, cricket, hockey, tennis and swimming but open up to other sports too. To appeal to a younger audience I will create a different vibe for the brand focusing more on vintage styles, glitching, high tech, bright colours e.t.c.
I called my campaign 'As Seen At' Slazenger. It defines the idea that the new Slazenger wear can be seen at the gym, on the street, boxing, walking your dog e.t.c. thus does not have one purpose, encouraging a larger target audience and influencing not just athletes to wear it but the general public too. The campaign will consist of images and clips of people doing day to day activities along with sporting activities, the slogan will be seen with each piece of media to promote inclusiveness of the brand and the promise that everyone can wear Slazenger.
Going forward I would like to launch a streetwear range within my campaign appealing to a younger target audience of around 16-25 introducing vintage and quirky styles. With the millennials being the target market the range will be called the 'Millennial edition'. This generation is very influenced by pop culture, social media and celebrities therefore to appeal to them I will advertise my campaign on various social media channels and ideally try and get relevant influencers wearing this Millennial range.


I chose chunky writing and included a full stop to represent a bold brand, I also put it in italics to show movement. 'Slazenger' has been put in a box to portray the idea of a court as many of the sports they currently produce for are court based games.
In terms of colour scheme, I chose to go mainly monochrome however occasionally introduce colours of the RGB split to add contrast.
Below I have put my logo into context. Onto celebs, clothing, tags, apps e.t.c.


Following the idea of my overall campaign my video is trying to promote the promise that anyone can wear Slazenger. I have taken videos of more traditional sporting activities using a professional camera, in contrast to everyday activities like running for a train using a vintage looking camera to relate slightly more to my target audience and promote the idea of a streetwear range.


When capturing my images and videos I used editing to give it a vintage look and also experimented with glitching, remixing the old with the new. For the more intense activities I kept it to simple, high quality edits for clearer pictures.

Campaign shots in context


#ASSEENAT can be used on social media posts showing what different people are doing/ where they are while wearing Slazenger, it could also be used to reveal locations of Slazenger shops.


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