Smart Energy GB | The New Ordinary

  • Rob Ronayne
AMV BBDO created a bold campaign for Smart Energy GB that will ran for five weeks from 20th November in press and Out of home. With the industry losing the press debate around smart metres, Smart Energy GB is out to challenge people to reappraise smart metres and ultimately reframe the debate. It has been difficult to ignore the recent inaccurate press around smart metres. Fear-inducing, false headlines about consumers being ‘duped’, ‘bullied’ or ‘spied on’ as part of the rollout are leading to an increase in concerns from those who don’t yet own a smart metre. The truth however is very different. With hundreds of thousands of smart metres being installed all over Britain, they are creating a better, cleaner, more efficient Britain. Smart Energy GB are taking the brave challenge to reframe this debate.
Smart Energy GB has recognised that everyone of us is prone to ‘confirmation bias’, a cognitive tendency to search for and recall information in a way that confirms ones pre existing beliefs. The new smart campaign invites people to wonder if maybe smart metres will soon be as commonplace and remarkable as your TV, your microwave, your kettle.
The forward ‘The New Ordinary’ campaign is unlike the typical Smart Energy campaign and sets to encourage audience to read on and reappraise smart metres with an open mind. The series of adverts elaborate on the story of a single, everyday household appliance – the kettle, microwave and TV.
Smart Energy GB is the voice of the smart metre rollout. Its their task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart metres, the national rollout and how to use their new metres to get their gas and electricity under control.


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