Sneakers Magazine

  • Neal Grundy
  • Happy Finish
To produce this work, sneakers were suspended in a large glass tank full of water. I poured a mixture of colour matched paint, ink, and dye into the water, allowing the mix to blossom naturally and surround the sneaker. Due to the rapid spread of colour through the water, I had only a very brief time period during which one exposure could be captured. The water would almost immediately become polluted meaning the sneaker would have to be removed and the tank emptied, cleaned spotlessly and refilled. This labourious process required wider team support and a large stock of equipment and props in order to capture a further image just 10 minutes later. Using this method, I was able to capture around 50 to 70 exposures a day. The final images are constructed of around 20 different elements. The initial layouts I designed and the final image pain-stakingly constructed by Vahakn.
The resulting images capture a bold, vibrant and explosive energy; a colourful tropical thunderstorm develops around its subject - allowing the sneaker to be placed front and centre for the viewer. I recieved 1st Place - Outstanding achievement award in advertising. In The International Color Awards 2018 for these images.