Social Media | Dance Professionals Fund | 2017 -

  • Kate Shields

In January 2017 I began working for Dance Professionals Fund as a temporary part-time Social Media Assistant. In March 2017, I was offered a permanent position as the part-time Social Media Manager. In April 2019, we launched a brand new website, logo and brand refresh, working with HdK Associates. I create and schedule all content in line with our new brand identity.

Logo launch
In order to generate excitement about the new website, I first released the new logo- section by section, day by day- on instagram, with a view to boosting our engagement on our newest platform.
Website launch
I created all launch content in line with our new brand guidelines, using close cropped images from our photoshoot. I channelled all launch content to the mailing list, away from the current website.
All those that joined the mailing list were first to see the brand new website.
Personal stories
Some of the stories I have created for social media and the website, prior to our 2019 rebrand.
Twitter images appeared with a link to the full story, which could be read on Facebook. Instagram stories appeared as grids, so they could be viewed in full by looking at the DPF profile page, driving more traffic to the charity website.
Film | January 2018
In January 2017, a group of students made a short film about a recipient of the fund.
I edited the film so that it was suitable for use on our social media, and it was first shown online in January 2018.
Over the past year I have made effort to include the charity trustees in social media content where possible.
I set up a Google Alert for all trustees and the Chairman, and retweet news about them as and when I am notified. Many of our trustees are influential within the dance industry, so I felt it was important to keep them relevant to our online content.
#Strictly | Engaging with dance-based trends
Throughout the most recent series of Strictly Come Dancing, I posted images and videos of our own office 'leaderboard' and mirror ball, to show our support specifically to the pro-dancer that was voted off each week.
Instagram Stories
Recently, I have begun to post more using the Stories function on Instagram. As instagram is a highly visual platform, it is very popular with creatives- especially dancers.
As well as posting short videos of events we attend, I also create animated videos to remind followers when our applications are open, and how long until the close, using the countdown function. With this function, followers can add a reminder to their device directly from our story.
I design and maintain our current newsletter, using MailChimp, and send it out once every three months.
Our current open rate is well above the industry average, and we have an engaged audience.

Charity rebrand and website design
In late 2018 we began working with London-based agency Hans de Kretser, to rebrand the charity and design a new website.
Myself and the Executive Director have worked closely with the agency to create a look for the DPF that is contemporary whilst communicating who the charity helps.
I recommended photographer Sharon Kilgannon to create a series of photographs of dancers for the new website. I documented the photoshoot on instagram The website is now close to launch, and I have been working on putting together a launch campaign across social media that adheres to our new visual identity.
(images to be posted when website is launched in April 2019.)