"Sogni d'emergenza / Emergency dreams: welcome to the Moon": an unpublished fashion editorial (issue a/w 2019-2020)

  • Alessia Baranzini

Final project for the course in Fashion Styling NABA _ New Academy of Fine Arts Milan, 2019 Professor Mrs. COVRI Alessia Photographer Mr. SENESE Gianluca Model Ms. CAMPESE Vera A thematic unpublished and personal FASHION EDITORIAL for an hypothetical chosen magazine Title: "Sogni d'emergenza / Emergency dreams: welcome to the Moon" The role of women in today society + the achievements of humanity + the dramas of immigration and war: an editorial that combines the need to dream, the progressive empowerment of women and the limits and uncertainties of current events; as a fundamental metaphor, the Moon and the 1969 moon landing, looking to a dystopian future of emigration when immigrants, on the moon, will be us. And we will find ourselves strangers in our dreams.