Soho House – Cocktail Cup

  • Julien Grimond-Szantaruk

For the second year of the Soho House Cocktail Cup organised by Difford’s Guide, we were invited to participate for the creation of the video of Soho House Dean Street. The theme of this year is ‘House Identity’ with three different cocktail following these criteria: – Low Alcohol / Low Sugar – in an age where people are becoming more health conscious, it’s good to offer your guests low sugar and low alcohol options. Sugar is key to the balance of many cocktails so think about sugar alternatives such as honey, sweetener or even sweet botanicals such as liquorice. Alcohol is a great carrier of flavour yet a host of traditional Italian aperitivos demonstrate how flavoursome low alcohol cocktails can be. – Coffee – the popularity of the Espresso Martini has helped drive a trend towards coffee cocktails. You may want to produce a riff on Dick Bradsell’s original, or create something completely different such as a coffee flavoured long drink. – Inspired by a House member – a drink created for one of your favourite House members. What’s unique about him or her and how can you reflect this in a cocktail which is tailor-made just for them. Many of the enduring classic cocktails were originally made for a particular guest, and it is that guest that helped make these drinks famous. E.g. Hanky Panky for Ada Coleman, Hemingway Daiquiri, and Mary Pickford


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