Soho not Soso!

  • Nikki Lindman
Soho is changing. Clubs are 'a shutting. Prets are 'a blooming. Berwick street market was under threat of closure. A couple of us BBH lot decided we wanted to say something about Soho's brilliance, and its risk of becoming bland.
20 world renowned artists, photographers and illustrators, who live, work and love Soho,were commissioned to reimagine our slogan: SOHO NOT SOSO!
The pieces were fly-posted across Soho, and the entire length of Berwick street, giving the area a colourful sense of protest.They even appeared on the construction hoarding of those slick, shiny new redevelopments...Naughty!
**NEWSFLASH!** As of March 2017, Westminster council has decided, due to overwhelming support for the market, to cancel its sale tender! Winner D&AD 2017