Soma Sleep

  • Rachel Wingfield

THE FUTURE OF WELLNESS Soma Sleep is an immersive meditation experience by artist Rachel Wingfield and Sound Meditator Leo Cosendai. Commissioned by Propela for the Redesign Business virtual conference with the Design Council, Design District and Innovate UK during the London Design Festival. London Design Festival 14 - 20 September 2020 Artist Rachel Wingfield is collaborating with Sound Meditator Leo Cosendai to explore the future of wellbeing during a time of remote and digital connectivity. Rachel creates immersive sensory environments that facilitate transformative experiences by combining art, science, and technology to renew mind, body, and soul. Leo’s sound journeys are changing the way people interact with sound. His work in making gong baths accessible worldwide has gained him recognition as a leading figure in the wellness movement. LDF 2020 saw them launch a virtual immersive sound & light experience that challenges pre-existing ideas about meditation, mindfulness, and wellbeing. Sound and light are potent medicines that have profound effects on the human body. The experience is led by a binaural sound meditation with a pulsing light to help prepare you for sleep and synchronise your breath throughout the journey. The screen isn’t designed to be watched in the traditional sense, but to be experienced as an ambient light source gently pulsing to guide the breath. TEAM Artist & Director, Rachel Wingfield Sound Meditation, Leo Cosendai Director of Photography, Laurence Blyth Filmmaker, Stefana Brancastle Lighting Engineer, Jonathan Hogg Production, Elena Uvarova Editor, Waldo LINKS Rachel Wingfield - @rachel.wingfield Leo Cosendai - @leo.cosendai


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