SOMALILAND HA NOLTO PT 2/2(Long Live Somaliland) - Documentary

  • Hallie Primus

Somaliland Ha Nolato (Long Live Somaliland) takes an experimental approach in exploring and reflecting on the complex history of Somaliland from 1960 to 2021. This film was exhibited at the Kunstrum Gallery in collaboration with GUAP Magazine. Shot on RED Director, Producer, Production, Art Direction, Set Design, Script, Sound, Lighting, Editor and DOP - Hallie Primus @primrose.films Concept, Art Direction, Narration, Producer, Styling and Model - Qasim Hassan @Kasim.s.a Sound Design - Ben Heraud - @monumentbanks Colouring - Oliver Spain & Hallie Primus - @ozzaspain @primrose.films Map Animation - Richard Tilney-Bassett - @theglasspassport Special thanks - Perspective Pictures - @pp_films