Song for Madeleine

  • Jay Kevin Composta

The movie features Ólafur Arnalds's exquisite song "Lag Fyrir Ömmu". In fact, the story revolves around this particular song and the connection it creates between the two main characters. I am so grateful to Sven Hasenjäger, who granted us permission to use this exceptional composition from Ólafur to create this short movie, or as the production team likes to call it, a "love letter by Jay Kevin Composta". This short artistic piece is first of all a dedication to Ólafur Arnald's incredible talent, which with his music inspires storytellers from all over the world to create pure beauty through movies. Filmmakers who attempt by any means to touch the souls of who believes in their visions and dreams. And secondly, I would like to dedicate "Song for Madeleine" to Erased Tapes. A record label that believes in young talents and delivers incredible music! (which I love!) A big thank you from the cast and crew of "Song for Madeleine". We hope you will enjoy the movie! Original composition: Ólafur Arnalds Original song name: Lag Fyrir Ömmu Record Label: Erased Tapes Production Company: Comevada Pictures STARRING: Madeleine: Annys Whyatt Madeleine's voice: Monique Todd Protagonist: Jay Kevin Composta Protagonist's voice: Lorenzo Melini Lag Fyrir Ömmu cover performed by Jay Kevin Composta Directed by: Jay Kevin Composta Produced by: Biagio Cilia, Lorenzo Melini Assistant producer: Julia Florek Cinematography: Vita Larvo & Biagio Cilia 1st AC: Isis Madonna Basile 2ns AC: Claudio Baruffaldi Piano Sound Recordist: Emanuele Gabbi Production design: Adam Kalderon, Vittoria Agrati Grader: Adam South Special thanks to: Sven Hasenjäger, UAL, 1901 Arts Club

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