Songs of Faith & Devotion - Maha Kumbh Documentary

  • Trilokjit Sengupta

A documentary on the largest congregation of people in the world, The Maha Kumbh, Allahabad, India. Arguably the biggest congregation of people in the world, the 'Maha Kumbh Mela' is celebrated every 12 years in India and is the most important and ancient festival of North Indian Hindus. Held on the banks of where two of Northern India's greatest rivers, The Ganges and the Yamuna, meet; it is said that a dip in the sacred waters during this 'tithi' or time period frees you from cycle of 'Punarjanm' or rebirth. The documentary project was shot over a period of 21 days spent at the makeshift camp that spanned more than 50 square kilometres. For the full story click Allahabad, India. 2013