Sony Music Snakehips

Honouring superstar producer due Snakehips' monumental success with the reimagining of a mobile classic. Following their international, multi-platinum rise to fame, Snakehips were keen to celebrate their single ‘All my friends’ and share as-yet-unreleased new music with devoted fans. Taking a cue from the insanely replayable nature of their tracks, we turned to the equally addictive and perfectly named old school game, Snake. Reimagining the game from its classic origins, we traded keypad control for swiping, and re-energised the environment with dynamic 3D graphics, while honouring iconic 8-bit design. Working side-by-side with the band, we infused the game with playful nods to their personalities, along with exclusive musical easter eggs that uncovered a first taste of brand new tracks. A shareable high score and leaderboard kept fans returning and attracted the attention of new listeners, who came to test their mettle against ‘Evil Earl’ but discovered a whole lot more.