Southbank Centre's New Website (WOW Festival)

  • Josephine Spencer
I am currently (until July 31st) working as Digital Design Lead on the design and build of Southbank Centre's new website. We have brought together a brand new in-house agile scrum team to create a modular site from scratch which can move and flex as and when organisational change happens.

My role on the project is first and foremost Design Lead - I oversee visual design, UX and interaction and IA. Working closely with our development team I bring together users needs with technical possibilities. I am also currently Scrum Master - read more about the scrum master role. 
Our approach is iterative, we are building a foundation which can be built on and improved and we're releasing iterations as we go. Our first iteration went live for one of Southbank Centre's Festivals – WOW - Women of the World. We then used the same foundation for the Web We Want festival using the same code base and styles but adding additional components. Putting these sites live has enabled us to get real analytics and user behaviour - we have learned what works, and what didn't. 

The next step is to design and build parts of the site such as event listing page, event pages, event grouping pages, search, homepage etc... we're aiming to launch a beta site in Autumn.

Read about our progress on our digital blog:
Museum Next presentation