Southern Comfort: a more comfortable Christmas

Southern comfort’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ campaign was off to a great start, especially during the summer months. However, throughout winter, ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ was starting to become a little uncomfortable. Particularly around Christmas time.

Our Challenge:

Our brief was to deliver a campaign that raised brand awareness among our core target market of 18-24 years olds, whilst bringing their ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ brand positioning to life.

Our Approach:

For our consumers, Christmas was all about having fun, but our research found that they often feel pressured by what gift to give. From the awkward smile after receiving a gift you don’t want to those uncomfortable family drinks with the girlfriend’s parents. This kind of Christmas was anything but comfortable. So we wanted to help them ride that bumpy Christmas wave in true Southern Comfort fashion.

Our Story:

At the heart of our campaign was the Southern Comfort Comfortable Christmas List, an interactive microsite with a Tinder-style device for choosing gifts you’d want to find under your tree – swipe left to bin, and right to win.

To wrap things up we gave them the chance to choose gifts for friends and family as well as giving them ‘wrapping paper’ in Shortlist magazine for those last minute emergencies. Making Christmas that little bit more comfortable.

Our Impact:

Southern Comfort had a very comfortable Christmas. With over 17,000 interactions on our Christmas list campaign, and our email open and click through rates were the best the brand had ever had.