SOUVENIRS: An art book travel memoir by Marina Esmeraldo

  • Marina Esmeraldo

A limited edition art book inspired by travel, belonging, and food. Now Crowdfunding: Pre–order today! Ends on June 6, 2021.

Now Crowdfunding: Pre–order today!

Ends on June 6, 2021.
SOUVENIRS is Marina Esmeraldo’s first art book. With new original drawings, poetry and the occasional recipe, the book features a collection of her travel memoirs since childhood, reflecting on the themes of belonging, alienation, growing up, feminism, and the timeless relationship between culture and food.

Stories are universal. They offer us a way of making sense of our world. Whether those stories are memories of friendship or betrayal; joy or longing; stories about heartache or chance encounters and falling in love, this is a uniquely human experience. All of this bound up in a beautiful, limited edition art piece and collectible item, in both English and Portuguese.
SOUVENIRS is a limited edition, collectible artefact designed Pol Pérez and Judit Musachs, of iconic print fame like A Flamenco Catharsis.

A hardbound object, offset printed on beautiful paper, the book offers an immersive, narrative experience that makes the reader travel to different places, both physical and metaphorical.

To further develop the book as an artistic composition, the cover will be silkscreened with a range of different art pieces, making each individual book unique.
SOUVENIRS offers an immersion in wanderlust and presents a rich travel document. Evocatively illustrated, it follows Marina Esmeraldo’s memoirs through time and place. She traverses the scorching dunes and the magical swamps of her native Brazil. She discovers secret gardens in England. She swims in the Mediterranean sea and climbs volcanoes on the Canary Islands. She loses herself in Rome, and finds herself in Barcelona, and has enchanted encounters in Venice… the people she meets revealing important lessons about life and the world. All followed by delicious glimpses of varied  culinary traditions and cultures.

The book will also feature travel photographs, sketches and process imagery, all beautifully catalogued for an immersive experience of expansion and travelling without moving.
As part of a crowdfunding campaign, I am offering a range of unique rewards along with the book, like limited edition Riso prints, the original, one-of-a-kind drawings created for the project especially, access to my mentoring programme The Creative Map, and much more.

Pre–order the book here.