SPECTEMUR AGENDO - By Our Actions May We Be Known

  • Dee Ramadan

Art residency commissioned by Lambeth Council. Work started in 2019 (paused for the pandemic). The project looked at leadership in the borough and how it had changed in its 100 year history. Project completed and exhibited in Lambeth Townhall 2021. The project is inspired by a series of councillor photographic portraits commissioned in 1903, when the Borough was first established. I wanted to look how much leadership had changed in the Borough by focusing on youth leaders and the issues that concern them. In recent years, with the rise of youth activism around the world involved in campaigns about environment, gender equality, BLM and LGBTQ+ rights (to name a few), young adults are challenging and shifting our understanding of what a leader is – who they should be, look like or how old they should be.