Spin the Wheel Bar Machine

  • Peter Harris

A novel way to give your customers the chance to win 2 for 1 drink deals, discounts or other mystery prizes The display that I see being placed in one of the alcoves on the back bar has 6 illuminated numbers with a blackboard for you to write each prize or losing message on. (It does require a connection to the mains) When you want to give the customer a chance to win a drink the barman brings out the magic box from under the bar and the customer turns the handle.This wirelessly (magically) triggers the display on the back bar to cycle through the numbers before it stops on a prize (or not) When you turn the handle slow after 1 or 2 turns the digits on the machine start going through a rolling sequence The rapidly changing digits slow down and eventually stop on one random number. All six digits have the same chance of being the result, The final digit is displayed for 15 seconds, after which the display returns to standby mode When not in use the display lights up all the numbers and every minute or so cycles through each number in turn for effect. Nixie display dimensions 500mm wide x 460mm high x 220mm deep Magic Box Dimensions 180mm high x 180mm wide x 180mm deep Contact me for purchase on 07970664358 or petermcharris@gmail.com