• Alexei Crawley

Independent Artists est. 2018 Dystopic dreamers, ethereal network entities, purveyors of reality: Crypto-Punks 'SQUARMS' gaze deep beyond the velvet curtain of orthodox theatrics into the unforetold excesses of the digital age. The band emerged from the ether in 2018; it's been "plunder-phonics, sub-bass and observational cynicism" ever since. The pair work tirelessly to subvert the conformist agenda, in eternal collaboration with other local guerrilla talents. SQUARMS have been represented by labels from multiple continents, released a plethora of music videos, and deliver unforgiving live performances all with a fiercely independent DIY outlook. SQUARMS were the first ever recorded artists to perform on a blockchain ticketed livestream event using Ethereum tokens in collaboration with Kaneda Records, dubbed ‘Paypal for Punks’ in 2019.