Stanley Watts

  • Zachariah Abraham

Having pursued his passion of hairstyling to the styling hub of Milan, immersing himself into the culture & getting a hands-on, craft-oriented education in the art, Greenich born Stanley Watts is ready to open up shop in his hometown. Stanley's tale of a young man's journey to pursue his dream is a timeless one. However, this “Greenwich lad” has not forgotten where he came from, Stanley is not solely influenced by the glitz & glamour of Milan. He is also inspired by authenticity & community. That's the twist. It's this twist that informed the identity I have designed. I am required to To create a strategic direction, guideline proposal, visual identity & services for the Stanley Watts brand, A new hair salon opening up in the new Greenwich Design District.

My Solution?

A sophisticated identity that reflects the tone of voice & brand values of Stanley & his business; being Informed, Immersed, Classic, Cordial, Dynamic, Adept.

Below are some implementations of the identity.

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