Start Semple - Happy City

'Happy City' is an ongoing series of public art interventions, happenings and installations by British artist Stuart Semple spanning almost a decade. The premise of this body of work is simple, to test the idea that art in public space could help to connect us and make us feel happier.
“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
― Albert Einstein
Since 2008 Stuart has been creating award winning public art around the world, using it as an action towards the greater public good and social change. You can see some of the previous Happy City projects here in the Happy Happenings section.
Denver will play host to several of his better known interventions, installations and brand new works, for the first time, in one place alongside a full local community arts program.
Happy City Denver : Art For The People was initiated by Stuart Semple, is produced by the Denver Theatre District and Black Cube and made possible with the kind support of a variety of wonderful local Denver based partner organisations check them out here.
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