Statoil Arctic Race Experience.

  • Pete Kong

Statoil is the main partner of the annual Arctic Race Challenge held in Norway – an inspirational event that attracts huge amounts of attention throughout the Nordic region and beyond. Through its sponsorship, Statoil has enhanced its growing reputation for sparking inspiration and enthusiasm to build skills and encourage learning.


One of the key challenges faced was the location; it was held at the northern tip of Europe; Tromso, Norway. And to add to that logistical nightmare (for a London based agency), the design needed to be tour-able.

The design mechanism was developed into a compact and tourable structure that unfolded to exhibit the experiences. The canopy would tension from each axis point to finish the connecting architecture - whilst also making the structure weather-proofed. The peg system allowed for flexibility in displaying apparel or print / signage, whilst the secondary brand colour (magenta) came in flashes throughout the space, such as behind the peg holes which added an element of surprise.

The conceptual form and identity were taken from the brand logo, which admittedly was an organic flower.
Though the intriguing thing about the lock-up was how it unraveled.

This translated into a more geometric form also could unravel beautifully and effortlessly, akin to the brand.