Stella x Sex Education : Breast Cancer Awareness 2021

  • Mickey Shu-Ting Chan

Breast cancer is often a taboo subject, it’s awkward to talk about and young people are not exposed to the dialogue enough. It’s also shrouded in misconceptions and myths. So, how do we really get young people to talk about breast cancer and check their breast regularly? We helped the match made in heaven - Stella McCartney and Sex Education developed a campaign that uses humour to dispel myths about the disease while inspiring and informing next-generation to integrate self-checking into their regular routines through a catchy, cheeky message “TTT”: use the Toilet, brush your Teeth, check your Tits. The 3-minute hero film is a comedic sketch features Stella as an ill-informed 80s sex-ed video host, starring alongside Sex Education cast members in character.

Creative Mickey Chan & Joel Lindblad Art Direction Mickey Chan Strategy Rose Moncrieff
Account Director Pia Hansson Director Alice Seabright, Andrea Jade Colomb
2021 / ACNE