STILL, Falling from 0 by Nimi Collective

  • Miia Mäkilä
  • Valentina Lopez
  • Katerina Sotiraki
  • Nikita De Martin

Moving makes you hungry, burns calories. In order to complete an action you must sell your movement product. What product? Will you still get paid if you stop moving? Is movement something that is always meant to be free? Labour costs. Is the observer's gaze making us move? Stillness. When does a movement or object become useless? Mother language signs the perimeter of a misunderstood space. When movement is not available words aid. STILL, Falling from 0 is a multidisciplinary performance about movement, sound and the interaction between them by Miia Mäkilä, Cat Winter, Katerina Sotiraki, Nikita De Martin and Valentina Lopez. Created and performed in 2021 as part of MA Performance Making at Cleave Festival, Goldsmiths University of London and at Resolution Festival at The Place Theatre in June 2022 .