Stolt-Nielsen — A digital update for an entrepreneurial expert in logistics

For over 60 years, Stolt-Nielsen has played an integral part in making modern life possible. As a leader in global bulk-liquid logistics, distribution and land-based aquaculture, Stolt-Nielsen enables the manufacture of everyday products and sustainable seafood production that form the backdrop to our daily lives. With digital transformation and innovation playing a key part in supporting the growth of the business, our objective was to create a new website that not only provided a significantly enhanced digital user experience but also showcased the scale, global reach, and competitive differentiation of the business. Additionally, with equity in Stolt-Nielsen's long-standing brand, we needed to build upon this with a light-touch visual identity/brand evolution for better application across digital environments.

Typographically, the Clarendon typeface reflected the heritage of the business. It worked well at scale on vehicle livery, tankers, and similar applications but it lacked a more progressive feel and had practical limitations for use across digital channels.

We introduced a more digital-friendly typeface — PT Serif, offering a more distinctive character through its angular serifs and humanistic terminals. We also built out the existing brand colour palette, providing more flexibility and depth in the supporting colours whilst, in contrast, applying a more restricted use of the primary palette to convey confidence and provide impact.
Conceptually the website 'look and feel' was inspired by navigational charts and marine cartography which align with the foundational heritage of Stolt-Nielsen.

By implementing an initial phase of digital discovery and scoping, we developed a clear understanding of the holistic strategic and commercial objectives for the new site. Identifying user personas and their search intent enabled us to create improved user journeys across the site, streamlining user interactions and delivering an optimised online experience.
Designed and built with technical SEO in mind, the website performs optimally across both desktop and mobile devices. The new site provides a clean and contemporary experience, which is further enhanced through a more editorial approach with white space, and improved hierarchies creating a sense of space and scale.

The implementation of an enhanced 'News & insights' section with content classification tagging, enables information to be better pushed across the whole site, supporting the 'cross-selling' of related information to visitors from different sections of the site.

Also designed and developed as part of the new site build was an integrated Annual Reporting functionality – enabling the ease of publishing future reports through the CMS whilst also supporting improved SEO through a subdirectory domain strategy.
Photographically, we utilised the extensive Stolt-Nielsen image library to not only present the breadth of the business capabilities but also the scale and reach delivered by the four global businesses, operating across 30 countries with over 6,550 employees worldwide. In addition to the use of photography, we also developed a broader visual language to address elements such as supporting iconography and graphics.
The careers section of the website was also enhanced with improved content and an iframe integration for open career opportunities across all areas of the business. Showcasing the breadth of employee experience and career paths available was further supported with the creation of 'Employee spotlight' profiles for which we provided photographic art direction for Stolt-Nielsen's Houston-based photographer, commissioned to capture both operational and portrait imagery.
In line with Stolt-Nielsen's broader digitalisation and marketing initiatives, we also developed Stolten – the company-wide magazine – into a new digital delivery format.

Integrated into the website and managed through the CMS, we implemented the set-up and integration of the Stolten subscription functionality and HTML email marketing platform in addition to the design and build of new HTML email templates, focussed on growing Stolt-Nielsen's CRM and driving further traffic to the website.