Streetbees Global Buzz From My Ads!

  • Shani Mirwis

Working with insights from the Streetbees app, I revamped our advertising and designed a completely new series of ongoing adverts to be posted as Sponsored Content in the LinkedIn Feed, which generated a staggering ROI of 25x - the highest LinkedIn has seen to date. Our Head of Marketing supplied the insights as text copy, which I used to create the ads targeted at senior marketing and insight decision-makers, at enterprise-level businesses. This was during the Covid-19 pandemic and this process enabled Streetbees to grab the attention of senior leaders at a time when they were hungry for an understanding of shifting consumer behaviour. In 8 months, the £80,000 that Streetbees invested on LinkedIn delivered over £2 million in revenue from closed-won deals. You can see a selection of these adverts below and read more here: