Streetwear clothing brand LonerLiving

  • Denzel Wireko

Loner living is a urban streetwear clothing brand founded in London providing stylish urban streetwear aiming to get across a life concept message to individuals that being successful starts with your mindset. The word "LONER" is abstracted from the word "LONELY" and "ALONE" with the meaning and association of the word implemented in "LONER LIVIN" The concept being promoted by LONER LIVIN is for individuals to have a clear outlook on their own lives to understand the process of reaching personal goals and targets alongside the journey to success , no one will be by your side on your journey to help and guide you to success it will be yourself alone working hard & smart,being strong taking necessary sacrifices/risks and making calculated decisions for career purposes in order to reach your targeted destination where you aspire to be , as an individual you will be a "LON£R" and will be "Lonely" as no one will understand your mindset towards your vision and vision itself towards your life goals but yourself. LONER LIVIN further promotes fundamental concepts of life which are positive aspects such as genuinely being happy actually enjoying and having fun in your life not just draining your physical energy working hard daily without neglecting the balance of grinding hard working towards your career goals Being a free independent individual taking control and living your life in your own lane focused solely on yourself being able make career based decisions suitable to your personal interests and abilities rather than being pressured into a career path by parents. Twitter : @lonerliving Instagram :