Stylus Short Reads: April & May 23

  • Nienke Creemers
Anti-Capitalist Attitudes: The Eat the Rich Movement

The growing popularity of the catchphrase Eat the Rich (the TikTok hashtag has more than 665m views) underlines the mainstreaming of anti-capitalist opinions. Youngsters are fed up with the looming climate disaster, renting economy and rising inflation, leading them to blame the ultra-rich for their woes.

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Smart Breastfeeding Initiatives Rethink Infant Care

Breastfeeding has extensive advantages for infants and mothers, but by the time babies in the UK are six to eight weeks old, only 49% are still breastfed (Nuffield Trust, 2022). Next-gen services aim to create positive feeding experiences for new parents, helping them overcome the associated challenges and reap the benefits.

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Gen Z & Millennials’ Luxury Spending Priorities

By 2030, Gen Zers and Alphas are expected to account for a third of luxury consumers worldwide, with some entering the market aged as young as 15. During 2023, experts predict a 21% rise in luxury sales, partly attributed to millennials and Gen Zers’ increased spending. We share two habits driving purchases.

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Adobe Surveys Generational Work Attitudes

In its 2023 survey The Future of Time, American software company Adobe examines global employee attitudes. Meanwhile, its Future Workforce Study looks at Gen Z’s work preferences in the US. We explore the key takeaways.

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Piper Sandler Surveys Teen Spending Trends

In its 2023 Taking Stock with Teens survey, US investment bank Piper Sandler reveals American teenagers’ spending habits, political concerns and brand preferences. Stylus distils the key takeaways.

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Fisher-Price Addresses Academic Fees with College Savings Credit Card

Mattel-owned toddler toy brand Fisher-Price and fintech Concerto (both American) have partnered on a new credit card designed to nudge families to start saving for college early. When linked to a tax-advantaged 529 education savings account, cardholders receive a rewards bump – a move intended to take the bite out of skyrocketing school fees.

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