Summer Well Festival - Sponsored by Orange - Romania

When Summer Well festival called and asked if we could show Romania how to GIFGIF, it wasn’t a hard sell!
‘A small but perfectly formed festival by a lake just outside Bucharest with amazing weather, cheap beer and huge headliners’….we were packing our bags before they could finish the pitch.
One of the many great features of GIFGIF is its portability. It can be set up in a flash, and has such a small footprint, it can be stationed pretty much anywhere. Summer Well wanted to embrace this feature and have GIFGIF roam around the site to ensure festival-goers got as much GIFGIF action as possible.
GIFGIF travelled the length and breadth of the stunning lake, looking for people to get their GIF on. 1,400 GIFs later we’re pretty sure they’d got the hang of it.
The Summer Well team got some amazing images and an activity that really enhanced the event for their ticket holders, but GIFGIF gives you even more. The detailed analytics and bespoke reports on their digital marketing, reach of their content and who shared what with who, allow the metric-minded among you to see just how far your social content can fly beyond the festival gates.

It goes without saying that 1,400 GIFs travel a long way on social media. Just have a look at the gallery to see how much fun was had. Who wouldn’t want to share this gorgeous lot!