The purpose of this event is to persuade people to wear sunglasses to help reduce potential eye damage from the sun. The appeal, which is targeted at millennials, aims to raise awareness of RNIB and bring in donations from the general public. Based on the copy ‘Show your sunny side’, I came up with a concept using photography to convey the message, a call to action to where people can and should wear their “sunnies”... The intention is to be very engaging on social media; people can either take selfies or take pictures of their sunglasses alone and post the images.

Future developments
The following concept and copy I generated could be used in the future, when Sunglasses Day has already been established as an RNIB event.
Sunglasses are worn by many iconic movie characters and RNIB could attract people to their appeal with this idea. Alternatively, we could show characters who are “cool... but would have looked cooler with sunglasses on”.


Judith P. Raynault

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  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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