Superbiomaterials to Fight Superbugs

Explainer video commissioned by Nottingham University, to present their research into Super biomaterials at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition in London, 2019. The researchers at Nottingham University are trying to find novel surface coatings that prevent superbugs sticking and building slime city communities called biofilms. Biofilms are difficult to eradicate as the slime prevents antimicrobials reaching the bacteria to stop them grow. Biofilms also act as a reservoir of infection. This is important because in hospitals, biofilms form on medical devices like catheters. The economic cost of medical device associated infections to the NHS is an estimated £1 billion per year. Our new plastic coatings provide a novel way to reduce hospital infections, saving money. Produced, directed, designed and edited by Kim Alexander. Animated by Kim Alexander, Barry Evans, Mara Fradella, Simon Testro and Michael Towers. Voice over artist Victoria Ashford. Voice recording and sound design by Tom Sichel at Soho Voices, London.

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      Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019