Sustainability and Innovation

  • Laura Donaldson-Davidson
  • Kirstie Heneghan

At 3M, we are committed to apply science to improve every life. A sense of purpose is at the heart of how we approach every business, every idea, every product, every community, and every life we touch. It is the foundation of all that follows. Reflecting our core purpose, 3M employees are empowered and encouraged to pursue purpose-driven innovation. Working in a highly collaborative environment, our scientists use 46 core technology platforms, ranging from adhesives and abrasives, to sensors and electronics materials. They leverage these technologies to invent unique, customer-inspired products that touch our lives at home, at work, and in our communities. Sustaining our business, and our planet, means protecting natural resources and empowering individuals and communities throughout the world to encourage progress. And above all else, it means uniting under a common goal: Improve every life. Imagine a world where every life is improved — where natural resources are readily available, people have access to education and opportunity, and communities are safe, healthy, connected, and thriving. We aim to help make that world a reality by designing a world where 9 billion people can thrive by applying boundaryless, collaborative science to sustain the products, processes, and systems that improve every life. The resilience of our planet, our people, and our business demands it. This is the continued story of our purpose: #improvinglives