Sustainable Corporate Uniform Repurposing

This project was a collaboration with Hubbub, Ocado and HMP Northumberland. Due to a high staff turnaround many large businesses find themselves with a substantial amount of uniform waste each year. This was true of Ocado so they hired Hubbub to look into the issue. Having worked with Hubbub on numerous projects, everything in colour were chosen to do the designs for garments or items that could be repurposed from these uniforms. We focused on different levels of recycling. There were items that could only be reused as low end products and some that could be simply remade into new items that could be sold and all funds go to Ocado's charitable Foundation as part of a circular system. After many stages of research, development and sampling of these products the production was to be done as part of a rehabilitation program at Northumberland Prison. This was a challenging and ultimately very rewarding project that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to take further. It was launched at the House of Commons in 2016.

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Grace Clark

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