Sustainable Staycation Series

  • Emma Latham Phillips

During 2020, I have departed on a series of staycations, encouraging people to fly less. There's no place like home, especially if you know where to go. Each feature focuses on sustainable and slow travel.

I was commissioned by Lodestars Anthology to visit Settle in Norfolk. While there I participated in a sailing experience with The Coastal Exploration Company.

"For many, travel means transporting from one site to the next. You get more ticks for the fewer hours spent in your hotel room. At Settle, you cannot help but slow down. All that’s required of you is to just be."
"The Coastal Exploration Company operates three traditional North Norfolk fishing boats, using wind to power visitors through the ever-changing salt marsh. We were spending the evening in My Girls, a crab boat with painted blue sides and red sails."