• Phoebe Watts

The app that tracks blood glucose

Sweetcycle is an app prototype which monitors blood sugar levels in type one Diabetics. The app connects with a sensor (Freestyle Libre) by scanning it on the upper arm. The app then displays the amount of sugar in the users blood via subcutaneous fluid. Type one diabetes is most commonly diagnosed at a young age (my target demographic being young adults)

Type one diabetes is a chronic auto-immune disease which affects 400,000 people in the U.K. The disease is not well-known due to falling under the umbrella term, Diabetes - often referring to Type 2. There is no cure for Type one however it can be treated through adminstering insulin and frequently checking blood sugars.

I chose this brief as my major project as I recognised trends towards virtual care. The NHS plans to provide a complete virtual service by 2030, however due to Covid-19 - it is evident a system like this is more crucial than ever. Type one requires intense monitoring by the user to avoid serious long and short term health conditions. It is crucial that anyone with a chronic auto-immune disease can access services whilst in isolation. Sweetcycle has challenged me as a designer due to the ethical responsibilities and personal aspect of the project.

See the process behind the project here: http://wattsgraphics.co.uk/blog/process-artefact-sweetcycle/

Promote Patient Wellbeing: Communicating an invisible disease.

Type one diabetes has a great impact on mental health. The demanding nature of the disease, causes 'diabetes burnout' whilst blood sugar can also have a psychological impact on the brain.

The aim of the re-usable stickers/skins is to create a playful and effective way of communicating blood sugars without having to voice it. The stickers could also be used as part of a social media campaign to bring awareness to the disease, whilst acting as a support system within the diabetic community to convey that even the most practiced diabetic will always have a challenging day.

The stickers are worn on the Freestyle Libre sensor. There are opportunities to use the sensor as a canvas to raise awareness about T1DM.
Raising Awareness:

Unfortunately, Type one Diabetes is still fatal. This could be prevented by raising awareness as many do not recognise the symptoms. Posters with iconography communicating the symptoms of T1DM and factors that impact blood sugar could be displayed at a General Practice or on the NHS website home page to inform people of the disease.