Swop Shop

  • Eunice Cornejo
  • richa verma
SWOP SHOP creates an approachable and interactive platform that demonstrates how artistic processes and debate can inform exchanges between people centring on value. It is an experimental project made and run by artists who have put time and effort into making things that reflect their practice and values. These objects have been specially created to engage with people and make us think about around the concept of value - personal, public and collective.
My initial project was to create digital assemblages of photographs, text and gestures. Collecting and collating from my personal bank of images, I wanted the assemblages to be transitional planes for finding and building connections between different points in time, thoughts and people. Exploring the notion of Diasporas and navigating through my own experience as a female Filipino immigrant, the process of assembling these images leads to a production of a fascinating anti-genealogical map of fragments of home, doubts and unsettled belongings. Functional as drink coasters, the materialisation of the assemblages plays with ideas surrounding mobility, gatherings and value.

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Took place at Tate Liverpool as part of Tate Exchange.


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