Symposium | Creative Enterprise Project

  • Callum West

The aim for this project was to design and develop a business idea. Symposium is a hand crafted, artisan gin company and the company propose to enter the market with unique flavours that challenge the everyday gin drinker, in hope to give them a new experience when drinking.

Why gin?
The Gin market is set to experience big growth in the next few years (37.5% by 2021) and therefore displays an opportunity to capatilise on the growth.

Exposing the opportunity...
When "Gin" is typed in on Amazon (UK) only 153 gins appear. 53 of these gins are infused gins. Out of the 53 infused gins there are only 9 flavour variations. This is where the opportunity lies, to develop a gin brand that specialises in infused gin distilling.