T H E . P O S I T I V E . P O S T . P R O J E C T

  • Caz Watts

Weeks 1 - 7, ALL now available to buy, and what a response we've had already to this exciting project! For the price of your usual morning coffee, you can send a hand-illustrated card in a bright, bold coloured envelope, 1st class to loved ones far and wide, who we aren't able to see during this isolation period. Keeping the vibes high, the messages of love and support posted around the globe and sending plenty of love through the letterbox in place of utility bills and bank statements is the aim of the game. Keeping everyone connected during this mad time we are all living through is so, so important and with everything going on from country to country, we all need to work together to keep spirits up and for those most vulnerable or who are unable to leave their homes, hospital beds, care homes and places of work, we need to ensure that these amazing humans, especially, feel the love from afar in a time where they may be feeling lost. That is where The Positive Post Project comes in. The response so far has been incredibly heartwarming and really magical. From the depths of the Suffolk Countryside to the outer shores of Australia. From beautiful Iceland over to the mountains of Peru. The messages of support and news from families separated because of the Virus have been making their way into their new homes, in the form of an A6 hand-illustrated, handwritten postcard, sealed with news from afar inside. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken part in the project so far, with over 860 cards posted far and wide already and with a new design released every week, it really is a mega exciting project to be a part of and one that would not be possible without our incredible postal system (it still blows my mind when a note so small lands on the other side of the world) So here's to Community, here's to getting back to basics with beautiful handwritten letters of love, and here's to the Posties keeping this project alive - MEGA HUMAN BEANS x