Take A Tour of Rome's Best Artisanal Shops with the Woman Trying To Save Them

  • Linda Massi

As Rome’s historical retailers struggle to stay afloat in a world of fast fashion and cheap imported goods, one local is championing her city’s artisanal scene through walking tours, events, classes and performances. Here, Simona Basili shares some of her favourite artisanal retailers in Rome.

Simona Basili knew she had to do something when her local blacksmith didn’t greet her during her daily dog walk. Not that she had done anything to upset him – he simply wasn’t there. Yet another traditional Roman shop had closed down.
Basili was experiencing this decline first-hand; working with her media and communication agency in the centre of Rome, she could see the different shops dropping like flies. “In a place where streets were named after different artisans – via dei Leutari (lutist street), via dei Sediari (chair-makers street) – you could hardly find their shops anymore.”

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